Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology 2021 Online Conference

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Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology 2021 Online Conference

Date: 6 Nov, 2021 - 27 Nov, 2021 , 13:00 – 17:30 hrs (GMT +8) Manila
Location: Online (zoom)

“INTEGRITIES AND IDENTITIES OF ASIA-PACIFIC TRADITIONAL EXPRESSIVE CULTURES” will be hosted by the UP Center for Ethnomusicology and the UP College on November 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2021 / 13:00 – 17:30 hrs (GMT +8) Manila.

The Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology (APSE) was established in 1994 to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas regarding research in music and culture in the Asia-Pacific Region. Its first international conference held at the Museum of Ethnology in Osaka in 1995 not only increased its membership but directed the organization to significant topics that were current within the region at the time: performance practice, the impact of modernity, popular culture and most importantly, theory.

This year, the APSE Conference will be held online, each Saturday of November 2021. Four respected scholars in music will deliver keynote: Dr. Ramon P. Santos (National Artist of Music, Philippines); Dr. Tan Sooi Beng (Universiti Sains Malaysia); Dr. Patricia Campbell (University of Washington); and Dr. Chinary Ung (University of California, San Diego).

To garner the interest of the various fields related to the musical practices within the Asia-Pacific region, this conference will address current issues covering topics such as: identity and meaning, performance, creation, research, production and re- re/ production, popular and commercial media, boundaries (geographic, cultural, social, economic), resilience (strategic practices of indigenous communities for survival, adaptation, fusion, etc.), gender, fluidity of identity, and pedagogy and transmission.

Each conference day will feature a keynote; a panel presentation and discussion; and a performance from selected Asia-Pacific country.

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